Foilboard Foil Faced Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

Foilboard – A fire resistant expanded polystyrene insulation panel sandwiched between 2 highly reflective foil facings in a variety of thicknesses & R-Values.

Foilboard® Green is a versatile rigid insulated panel designed for walls, floors and roofs. Foilboard Insulation is known for its slimline design and superior performance. Available in different variations of the product. Select a variation of the product and your location to show product price and information.

Standard10 2440mm x 1200mm| Super15 2440mm x 1200mm| Cathedral20 2440mm x 1200mm| Excel30 2440mm x 1200mm| Superior40 2440mm x 1200mm| Ultimate50 2440mm x 1200mm


Foil board Insulation Panel – Expanded polystyrene insulation panels are a versatile, easy to install insulation solution suitable for many residential or commercial insulation applications. Comprising of a rigid, fire resistant Expanded Polystyrene core encapsulated in 2 layers of highly relfective aluminium foil, to provide maximum insulation properties from a minimum of space. Available in a variety of thickness from 10mm to 100mm

Foil board GREEN – Rigid Insulation Panel For Floors, Walls And Ceilings

It’s the Foil board rigid insulation panel for under your floors, in your walls, in your roof and even to line your man-caves & sheds.

Manufactured in Australia from a fire retardant expanded polystyrene core (FR-EPS) with pure aluminium foil directly laminated to both sides, creating a SUPERIOR INSULANT, THERMAL BREAK and NON-PERMEABLE MOISTURE BARRIER.

Foilboard® GREEN has been engineered and designed to ensure a quick and easy installation of a non-itchy, fibre free rigid insulation panel that will provide continuous thermal performance for the life of the building.

The Foilboard® Difference

Foilboard® Australia backs its Foilboard® GREEN with a 25 year performance guarantee.

Fully endorsed by Standards Australia,the Foilboard® GREEN rigid insulation panel is the premium insulation product in its market, both in manufactured quality and product performance and that is why it is backed by a 25 year performance guarantee.

This durable rigid panel is specifically designed to achieve exceptionally high thermal values, making it the ideal product. Unlike traditional bulk insulation and blankets, Foilboard® GREEN rigid panel will not shrink, sag or droop, ensuring that the building performs to its optimal thermal value from day one, to year 25 and beyond.

Did you know a 4% void in insulated BATTS as a result of sagging, improper installation or stapling can increase heat loss by 15-50%**

10 1200 2400 2.88
15 1200 2400 2.88
20 1200 2400 2.88
25 1200 2400 2.88
30 1200 2400 2.88
40 1200 2400 2.88
50 1200 2400 2.88


Foilboard Product Options:

  • Standard 10
  • Super 15
  • Cathedral 20
  • Excel 30
  • Superior 40
  • Ultimate 50

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Product Option

Standard 10, Super 15, Ultra 20, Cathedral 25, Excel 30, Superior 40, Ultimate 50


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