Fiberglass Roof Blanket Medium Duty Foil Faced

Traditional fiberglass roofing blanket with Medium Duty foil face. Australian Made for metal & tiled rooves. Available in a range of R values and thickness.

55mm R1.3 | 75mm R1.8 | 100mm R2.3

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Higgins Premium quality Australian Made Glasswool Blanket faced with high quality medium duty reflective foil. Provides a bulk insulation absorber, radiant moisture barrier and reflective insultion in one. specifically designed to meet Australian Standards and to maintain a comfortable living environment within Australian homes, reducing heat transfer by up to 70% when correctly instlled. This product meets the BCA requirements and Australian fire standard AS1530.1. It contains approximately 80% recycled materials and is classified as Bio Soluble and non hazardous. Traditional fiberglass is a cost effective bulk insuation that is used widely in the construction industry

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50 x 1200mm x 15m, 50 x 1200mm x 10m


12, 18

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