Pink Batts

Pink Batts® are a premium quality insulation product with a softer, more comfortable handling feel, thanks to the next generation formula employed.

Manufactured from flexible, lightweight, resilient Bio Soluble glasswool, Pink Batts Australia are specially designed to provide a superior level of thermal and acoustic insulation for walls and ceilings in commercial and domestic buildings.

Pink Batts Australia are stiffened to create a snug fit between standard spacing wall studs of steel or timber walls, without sagging to create a more effective insulating barrier.

Pink Batts Australia are available in an extensive range of R-Values from R1.5 to R6.0 and different sizes to meet all the insulation requirements of your home, office or multi level construction project.

Pink Batts® are non-combustible, low allergen and come with a lifetime of the  building guarantee of performance.

As well as thermal wall and ceiling batts, the Pink Batts range also includes Pink Batts for floors, Pink SonoBatts and Pink Acousti-therm Batts.

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Pink® Floor Batts insulation

High density underfloor insulation system that is easy to install in new build, renovation and retrofit applications. This versatile high density insulation solution provides outstanding thermal performance, reduces heat transfer between suspended floors and reduces heating energy usage.

Pink® SonoBatts® acoustic insulation

Delivers excellent acoustic performance for domestic applications. Ideal for insulation in metal and timber stud wall systems and as infill between floors and ceilings.

Pink® SonoBatts® Premium acoustic insulation

The premium cavity infill batt for room-to-room noise control. Installed in ceilings, between floor and internal stud walls. These products minimise airborne sound transmission using standard construction methods and timber sizes. Perfect for rooms where extra noise protection is required, such as nurseries and bathroom walls.

Pink® Acousti-Therm® insulation

High density glasswool insulation batts with excellent acoustic properties suited to residential wall applications. May also be used to achieve a high R-value in a small wall cavity.

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