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Polyester insulation is a safe, non toxic, itch free bulk insulation product. Because of its non hazardous properties, polyester is used extensively in the medical, food, apparel, bedding, carpet & furniture industries, as well as the building and insulation industries.

Light weight, yet with very high tensile strength, polyester fibres are durable and resistant to most chemicals, stretching, shrinking & mildew, which makes them very long lasting, which means we can guarantee its performance for the lifetime of your home.

Being naturally hydrophobic & quick drying, means polyester insulation repels water and is largely unaffected by moisture.

For these reasons Polyester is an ideal material for manufacturing insulation from. Therefore, Higgins have created an exclusive range of thermal an Acoustic polyester insulation products that take advantage of these qualities, and are designed to provide superior, longer lasting performance in your home.

Disclaimer: Not valid with any other offer. Minimum quantity 100m2 to qualify. Applicable to retail customers only and not applicable to Trade customers

More Reasons to Buy Higgins Polyester Insulation…

Environmentally Responsible…

Polyester insulation is also easily recyclable time & time again! Plus, as the process of recycling polyester does not require large amounts of heat compared to many other products, the net energy saving associated with recycled polyester insulation has a significant positive impact on our planet.  Higgins polyester products contain up to 85% recycled polyester fibres from drink bottles and other recycled plastics, which also makes a significant saving on land fill.

Non Allergenic & Asthma Friendly Polyester Insulation..

The polyester fibers used in Higgins polyester insulation products have Non Allergenic properties and are safe for Asthma sufferers. Higgins polyester insulation products do not contain binders that may deteriorate and crumble over time, or use short or brittle fibers that are prone to breakage and easily breathed in.

Therefore Higgins  polyester insulation products do not have the potential to create dust due to fibres or other detritus working their way down through lighting and air conditioning vents in the ceiling.

Polyester insulation is one of the types of fibrous insulation recommended by Asthma Foundations Australia for use in low allergen or asthma friendly buildings.

  1. The Asthma Foundation of Western Australia Inc, “Towards the Low Allergen Home”, www.asthmawa.org.au
  2. Asthma Foundation NSW, “Asthma Friendly Children’s Services  Guidelines”, www.asthmansw.org.au.

Zero Ozone Depleting Potential…

Referencing the US EPI list of Ozone Depleting Substances (classes 1 & 2), Higgins Insulation have conducted an audit of manufacturing processes and ascertained that no Ozone Depleting Substances are involved in the Higgins Polyester insulation & real wool insulation manufacturing process, or as can reasonably be ascertained within the manufacturing and composition of the raw materials used.

Higgins polyester products have  Zero Ozone Depleting Potential. (ODP)

Low VOC’s and Zero Formaldehyde….

The manufacturing process for Polyester products at Higgins Insulation does not require the use of any solvents, resins or binders. Therefore there is no residual formaldehyde or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’S) added to the raw materials during the manufacturing process.

With polyester itself being a non VOC, the VOC content of Higgins Polyester insulation products is therefore expected to be negligible.

Zero Chlorides, Non Corrosive…

The polyester insulation products made by Higgins Insulation do not contain any raw material with chloride compounds, nor are chloride compounds used in the insulation manufacturing process. There are also no other corrosive chemicals used at any stage of the manufacture of the insulation or the raw materials. Therefore all Higgins Insulation products can be considered to have non-corrosive properties. All Higgins Insulation products are exempt from the AS4859.1 requirement for corrosive testing.

Benefits of Higgins Polyester Insulation:

      • Up to 85% Recycled polyester fibre
      • No harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
      • Does not contain Formaldehyde
      • Does not contain Phenol
      • Does not contain Ammonia
      • Zero ODP (ozone depleting potential)
      • Zero Chlorides (non corrosive)
      • Durability (will not subside or crumble over time)
      • 100% Recyclable
      • Reusable
      • Non-irritant
      • No protective equipment needed when installing
      • No need to restrict access to other trades people during installation
      • Proven performance both thermal and acoustic
      • Material R Values that give year round performance

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