Roof Insulation

Roof insulation generally refers to products that are designed to go over the frame construction under tin or tile roofing structures to provide resistance to thermal transfer and help improve the buildings thermal efficiency.  Many also provide improved moisture control or a measure of acoustic insulation as well.

These products are best installed at time of construction, which is normally undertaken by the roofing contractor.  Depending on the roof in question, there are a number of products available.

Roofing blanket – a roll of bulk thermal roof insulation with a multi layered foil faced membrane adhered to one side. Installed over the trusses, with the foil membrane facing downwards.  The bulk insulation provides thermal and acoustic insulation properties while the foil facing acts as a reflective insulation and provides an element of moisture control.

Glareshield Insulation– a patented thermo reflective anti-glare insulation designed to combat heat gain and heat loss in all forms (convection, radiation, and conduction), for tin, tiled or metal deck rooves.  The result is a highly efficient thermal performance product, that is fibre free, non allergenic and non irritant. Made in Australia by Kingspan.

Insulbreak Insulation –  a 3-in-1 insulation, vapour barrier and thermal break solution for steel-framed construction. In steel-framed buildings Insulbreak reduces thermal bridging and conductivity between building elements. Manufactured with a patented cross-linked, closed-cell foam structure, and sandwiched by highly reflective foil surfaces.

Suitable for residential metal Roof, Commercial Metal Deck Roof

Rooftherm Insulation – a semi-rigid insulation sheet consisting of fire retardant, low density, closed cell polyethylene foam, designed to be an under or over roof membrane insulation.

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