Enviromentally Friendly Insulation - Higgins Environmental Statement

Higgins Insulation is an environmentally friendly insulation company conceived out of a deep seated social consciousness about the future of today’s environment; both locally and globally. With this in mind, we affirm the following:

Higgins Insulation will continue to explore the possibilities of providing a wide range of competitively priced insulation products that are environmentally responsible.

By ‘Environmentally Responsible’ we mean:

  • Products that are, where possible, made from renewable resources rather than non-renewable resources.
  • Products that pose no known health risks to installers or residents, providing a vital contribution to health, safety and comfort.
  • Products that are long-lasting enough to carry a guarantee for the lifetime of the premises into which they are installed, but at their eventual disposal are, where possible, completely biodegradable.
  • Products that will not pollute the air, water or soil.
  • Products that insulate to an exceptional standard, maximising the positive effects of insulating, and ensuring the largest possible energy savings.
  • Products that are locally made, with the aim of reducing the negative impact that transportation has on the environment.

Wool is a totally renewable resource, has possibly the lowest embodied energy of any insulation product, has a Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, a Low Volatile Organic Compound rating, and contains no Formaldehyde, making it possibly the most environmentally friendly insulation product on the planet.

By manufacturing eco-friendly insulation, Higgins is paving the way for consumers and the building industry to make a significant contribution to the problem of global warming, through reduced heating and cooling costs.

Moving forward, our ongoing goal is to provide a product that enhances the comfort of the dwellings in which we work and live, and do so in a way that responsibly addresses the real challenges of global warming. Check out Higgins products for residential and commercial buildings.