Polyester Sound Control Batts



Polyester Sound Insulation Batts thick are entry level acoustic insulation for residential & commercial partition walls. Available in different variants.

11kg/50*450mm | 11kg/50*600mm | 11kg/75*450mm | 11kg/75*600mm | 14kg/50*450mm | 14kg/50*600mm | 14kg/75*450mm | 14kg/75*600mm

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POLYESTER SOUND CONTROL BATT for Sound Absorption. Polyester Sound Absorption Control Batts are an economic solution to reducing unwanted noise transfer through walls to create quieter living spaces, for light noise levels situations. Polyester is a safe, non toxic, allergy friendly, light weight material that has high tensile strenth, robsutness & is unaffected by moisture. Higgins Polyester Batts are itch free, contain no Formaldehdye Binders, require no protective clothing to install, making them a safe insulation option for you & your family. Higgins Polyester Batts also have a Zero Ozone Depleting (ODP) rating, contain negligible Volatile Organic Compunds (VOC’s) and 80% of the fibers that go into Higgins Polyester Batts are recycled from plastic bags & other packaging materials, so they are safer for the planet too. Higgins Polyester also meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS1530.3 for fire safety

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11kg/m3, 14kg /m3


1200 x 450 x 50mm, 1200 x 600 x 50mm, 1200 x 450 x 75mm, 1200 x 600 x 75mm


450mm, 600mm


7.99, 5.99, 6.05, 7.98, 5.99, 6.05