Thermal Insulation

If you’re experiencing hefty electricity bills,  hot living conditions in summer and cold conditions in winter, then proper insulation is possibly one of the best investments you can make in your home and your family's personal comfort.

 Unlike a new home under construction,  where house design, orientation, window treatment, flooring & shading are all employed to influence heat loss and heat gain, thereby maximizing living conditions and minimizing energy usage, in an existing home most of these choices are no longer economically available.

 However, through proper installation of high quality thermal insulation for existing homes, together with shading devices for windows, the amount of direct sunlight heat will be greatly reduced and the need for air conditioning greatly minimized. Likewise, when the winter chills set in outside, a properly insulated home retains the warm air inside longer, dramatically reducing the need for heating.

 With the majority of thermal transfer occurring through your ceiling, proper installation of high quality thermal insulation into an existing homes attic space is probably the easiest and most cost effective way to reduce heat loss or heat gain and maintain a comfortable home environment.

 Even if your home already has loft insulation installed, it is a good idea to check that it is still 100% functional or that it is of a high enough R- Value for the climate zone you live in. Topping up or replacing old sub par insulation can be a simple and cost effective way to quickly improve your homes comfort levels.

 Whilst it is also ideal to also have wall insulation installed, this is generally not economically viable for an existing home. It is a better investment to lighten the colour of existing external walls or rooves where possible and increase levels of ceiling insulation.

 Or, if your home is built suspended from the ground then installing underfloor thermal insulation for existing homes is an option which will prevent air travelling up through the floor and further help to maintain a controlled and comfortable living environment within your home.