Etherm – 3 in1 Reflective Foil & Foam-Insulation 30m2

Etherm – Reflective foil & foam provides an ultrathin bulk insulation, mositure & radiant barrier in 1. Rooves/walls/underfloor. 1350mm*30meters 30m. Available in different thickness.

5mm | 6.5mm | 8mm

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E-therm is an ultrathin composite insulation product comprising of 2 layers of highly relfective, low emissivity foil insulation that sandwhich a layer of low density closed cell polyethylene foam. The result is a multi purpose insulation solution that includes bulk insulation, radiant barrier, mositure barrier and thermal break properties. The foam has a very low thermal conductivity, which acts as a bulk thermal insulation to reduceheat flow and sound flow in and out of the building. The reflective foil layers act as a vapour barrier while also reflecting 97% of radiant heat. As with all reflective insulation, to be effective it is essential that these highly reflective surfaces are installed adjacent to an air gap, whether it is domestic, commercial or industrial. E-therm is manufactured in Australia using the finest raw materials to meet or exceed Australian Standards, has been successfully tested and found to meet all Green Star low VOC compliance requiements.

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1350 x 30m







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