Polyester Acoustic Insulation Batts

High Density Polyester Acoustic Insulation with NRC.92. Absorbs 92% of sound waves for walls, underfloor & ceilings. Available in different variants.

20kg 430mm 8pc | 20kg 580mm 6pc | 32kg 430mm 5pc | 32kg 580mm 4pc | 32kg 430mm 12pc | 32kg 580mm 9pc

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High Performance Acoustic Batt. Poly Acoustic Control Batts are a high performance solution to reducing unwanted noise transfer through walls & ceilings to create quieter living spaces, for higher noise level situations, particularly suitable for media rooms or between floors. PACB 20/85’s have an NRC rating of NRC0.95 Polyester is a safe, non toxic, allergy friendly, light weight material that has high tensile strenth, robsutness & is unaffected by moisture. Higgins Polyester Batts are itch free, contain no Formaldehdye Binders, require no protective clothing to install, making them a safe insulation option for you & your family. Higgins Polyester Batts also have a Zero Ozone Depleting (ODP) rating, contain negligible Volatile Organic Compunds (VOC’s) and 80% of the fibers that go into Higgins Polyester Batts are recycled from plastic bags & other packaging materials, so they are safer for the planet too. Higgins Polyester also meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS1530.3 for fire safety

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1160 x 430 x 85mm, 1160 x 580 x 85mm, 1160 x 430 x 100, 1160 x 580 x 100, 1160 x 430 x 50, 1160 x 580 x 50


430mm, 580


4, 2.5, 2.7, 6

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