Fiberglass Insulation Wall Batt



Fiberglass Insulation Hi Performance Wall Batts. Australian Made to BCA & AS/NZS4859.1.2002 Compliance. Fire Safe. Available in different variants.

R1.5 430mm | R1.5 580mm | R2.0 430mm | R2.0 580mm | R2.0HD 430mm | R2.0HD 580mm | R2.5HP 430mm | R2.5HP 580mm | R2.7HP 430mm | R2.7HP 580mm

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Glass Wool Home Insulation Batts. Australian Made, premium quality Fiberglass Insulation specifically designed to meet Australian Standards and to maintain a comfortable living environment within Australian homes, reducing heat transfer by up to 70% when correctly instlled. Trade Fit Fiberglass Insulation is the builder choice and meets the BCA requirements and Australian fire standard AS1530.1. Trade Fit Fiberglass Insulation contains approximately 80% recycled materials and is classified as Bio Soluble Glass wool Insulation and non hazardous

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430mm, 580mm


R1.5, R2.0, R2.0HD, R2.5HP, R2.7HP