AIRCELL - Permishield - steel frame - wall insulation-30m2

AIRCELL - Permishield - steel frame - wall insulation-30m2

AIRCELL Permishield- A revolutionary thermal break, vapour permeable barrier & relfective foil steel frame wall insulation: 6.5*1350mm*22.25m - 30m2


Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield 1350mm X 22.25 meters = 30m2 in a roll. A revolutionary Thermal Break, Vapour-Permeable Barrier and Relfective Foil Wall insulation in 1. Specifically designed for use behind light weight cladding materials that require vapour permeance in steel framed construction. Manufactured using a patented closed-cell foam structure sandwiched between 2 layers of highly reflective foil insulation, and pierced with tiny, evenly-spaced breather holes. Reflectivity 97% emissivity 3%. Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield´ż« provides an alternative option to the traditional sarking plus insulation batts combination for building professionals.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1350mm X 22.25 Meters
Width 1350mm
m2 30