Sarking-Wall Insulation-Breather Foil- Heavy Duty-81m2

Sarking-Wall Insulation-Breather Foil- Heavy Duty-81m2

Sarking- Reflective Foil - Wall Insulation - Heavy Duty Breather -1350mm*60 meters 81m2: 97% reflectivity Reduces heat transfer & condensation Levels.


Foil Wall Wrap Breather is a Heavy duty, five-layer home insulation product with bright aluminium foil (tested to 97% reflectivity) adhered to one side. When installed correctly with an adjacent air gap of at least 20mm, it creates a radiant barrier to help reduce the transfer of radiant heat through the wall. The substrate is an ultra-violet stabilised woven polypropylene with anti-oxidant,which provides superior tear resistance. It is corona-treated to ensure superior adhesion. It is manufactured in Australia to meet the Asutalian fire standard AS1530.2, and the BCA requirements and is designed to be used as a wall wrap in all regions of Australia for residential and commercial buildings.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1350mm X 60 Meters
Width 1350mm
m2 81