NuWave Base 8kg Mass Loaded Vinyl 3000 X 1350mm Roll

NuWave Base 8kg Mass Loaded Vinyl 3000 X 1350mm Roll

Thermotec NuWave Base 8kg/m3 Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)- A Heavy Density, barium loaded acoustic insulation for walls, floors & industrial-1350mm*5m - 4.05m2


Thermotec NuWaveï¾™ Base 8kg/m2 Mass loaded Vinyl, is a high density, high performace, ultrathin Acoustic Insulation made from barium loaded vinyl. The flexible construction creates a very versatile acoustic insulation product that lends itself to use in walls, under timber floors and many industrial applications such as cars, boats, machinery housings etc. Because the product is impregnated with baruim, it has a very high density which makes it an extremely effective sound barrier. Acoustic performance =Rw30*. *Rw rating is a single number quantity summarising the transmission loss of a material over the frequency range from 100Hz to 3.15 kHz under AS/NZS 1276.1:1999. Independent test reports available.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1350mm X 3 Meters
Width 1350mm
m2 4.05