R3.0-580*100mm Pink Sonobatts Premium 6 Batts. 4m2

R3.0-580*100mm Pink Sonobatts Premium 6 Batts. 4m2

Pink Sonobatts Premium -High Performance -32kg/m3 density, R3.0 thermal / acoustic insulation batts for underfloors: 1160*580*100mm 6pcs. 4m2. Australian Made


Pink SonoBatts Premium Acoustic Insulation are manufactured at a much heavier density that regular Pink Sonobatts to provide increased thermal & acoustic insulation properties in thinner cavities. Manufactured from a next generation, lightweight, resilient glasswool formula that provides a softer feel and easier, more comfortable installation process. Pink SonoBatts Premium Acoustic insulation is made at 32kg/m3 density and specially stiffened to fit snugly between standard joist spacings, without sagging, in both domestic and commercial buildings to provide increased resistance to thermal and acoustic transmittance. Pink SonoBatts Premium are Non combustible and low allergen. Pink Batts are manufactured in Australia by Fletcher Insulation to meet Australian Standards AS/NZS4859.1.2002, and are guaranteed for the lifetime of the building.

Additional Information

Dimensions 1160 x 580 x 100mm
Width 580mm
m2 4